Water Element in the Photography 

Water is one of the elements that are beautiful, unique and makes the creation of visual insights manifested with all magic, and all the possibility that unlimitedly shines in our world.
Our Photography Class, our young photographer representing some of their art views to work with the […]

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What are we doing in the SAT Prep class?

Well, every week we work on something in math and something in reading, using both lessons from the College Board and Khan Academy’s Official SAT practice Diagnostic Quizzes, personalized practice and videos. We also discuss how to understand the math or reading material tested on, and have in class requirements to take notes on what […]

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Dual Accreditation 

Did you know that Balboa School has dual accreditation? Balboa has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since 1993.  ACS WASC accreditation is a process used to monitor student learning that helps schools set improvement goals. ACS WASC accreditation is an ongoing cycle of quality. Schools assess their program and […]

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National Honor Society Volunteer Project

     National Honor Society Volunteer Project

On  Thursday, members of the National Honor Society had the opportunity to volunteer at the local San Diego Food Bank.  The group was able to bag 3000 pounds of produce for families in need.

The ERWC class is analyzing an article on a controversial subject. They are going through a […]

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Come Join Us!
Barbecue & Drinks , Fun Art Activities.
Get to know more about our Middle School, High School and new Mandarin Dual Curriculum Elementary School.

PE Class

PE class at Balboa School is moving right along as we near close to winter break. We are doing a bunch of different activities that have the students active and moving. […]

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Balboa Geography

Balboa Geography

In Geography, the students are learning about weather. This gave all of the students the opportunity to go outside to observe what the weather was like on Tuesday. Once the students came back into class, they had to sketch the sky and share what they had observed while they were outside. After the discussion, […]

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Balboa Scicence

Balboa Scicence

Science has been defined as knowledge about or the study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observations.  Some branches of science being studied at Balboa School are Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Earth Science, and Life Science from middle school to high school. Science includes mathematics and technologies.

Science is […]

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Spirit Week

* Tuesday : Twins Day- Find a peer and dress as twins 

* Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday- Dress in your tackiest mix-matched outfit

* Thursday: Jersey Day- Wear your favorite sports jersey to school

* Friday:Balboa School Spirit Day- Wear Balboa School colors!! (black, orange, white)

Spanish Class

The objective of the Spanish classes is to awaken the student’s interest for discovering new […]

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In the Art classes we design and inspire our creativity with imagination, combining with drawing the realistic art. Our young artists show appear to the deeper express of the creative mind and allow us to explore our fun artist in Balboa.      

Dominique Jones is Athletic Director and PE Teacher at Balboa School (1st Year) and Assistant Head […]

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PE class at Balboa is off to a great start. We are doing a bunch of different activities that have the students active and moving. The first month we started off by learning and playing the game of dodge ball. The students really enjoyed every aspect of the game and also learning the unique rules. […]

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