Balboa School Newsletter

Athletics Scholarship 

Congratulations to Senior Malcolm Little on signing his National Letter of Intent to the University of Northern Colorado.  Malcolm is the second student athlete to sign an NLI and receive a full athletics scholarship for this school year.  Go Bears!

Open House 

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Balboa School Newsletter

College Acceptances

Congratulations to our Seniors who have been accepted to the following Universities as of April 15th

New York University (NYU)

Virginia Tech University

University at Buffalo- SUNY

Purdue University

Auburn University

University of Illinois-Chicago

University of Massachutsets-Boston

Binghamton University

SUNY Stony BrookTemple University

University of Sydney

Northern Colorado University (Full Athletics Scholarship)

UC IrvineUC Riverside

UC Santa Cruz

Gettysburg College

Penn State University

Ohio State University

University of Pacific

University of South […]

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Balboa School Newsletter

 Spanish Class 

The target of Spanish class is more than just learn a language as communication tool.  Our target is learn the language in every single aspect:  to read,  to write,  to understand and express our ideas.  They are interactive classes, with lots of grammar and vocabulary practice. One of the main projects […]

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Celebrating 3.14 Math:p-Day and Einstein’s Birthday!

Precalculus, Algebra-I, Prealgebra, and Geometry students celebrated “p-Day in the US” and Einstein’s Birthday by watching the PBS Nova video “Inside Einstein’s Mind.”  If you think this was a `boondoggle’-think again!  Students were riveted as the video explained how Einstein translated “thought experiments” into abstract mathematics, which in turn described the large-scale structure of our universe […]

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OPEN HOUSE: March 17, 2019 Sunday12:30pm -2:00 pmBalboa School is accepting applications for all grade levels. There are limited spaces available in TK/K for the new Dual-language English/Mandarin elementary program. Come see what Balboa has to offer your child!

Student of the Month

The Student of the Month is Tatiana. Tatiana […]

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LASER TAG FIELD TRIP You are never too old for hide-and-seek

Last Wednesday the Balboa school students and staff got to show off their hide-and-seek skills during a Laser Tag team building field trip in San Marcos.  The teams, consisting 11 students from 6 different countries, all grade levels and one teacher worked long and hard to win each round. After 4 intensive rounds Team Josh […]

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Ms. Conrad’s ERWC class is pairing and sharing their responses to a pre-reading activity. Each student has an opportunity to present their ideas to a classmate prior to sharing with the whole class during the analysis phase of the project.  This provides all students, especially English Language Learners, practice verbalizing their thoughts to only […]

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Coding Program

Join our new Coding Program! For more information, please email Najat Aknibess –

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Science Fair

First ever Science Fair for the Middle School students.  Students have worked hard all year doing research on theri topic, performing an experiment to test their hypothesis and presenting their project to the class.  Now, the students are anxious to display their project and answer your questions during assembly next wednesday.  Come to support these students and […]

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