English Class

For English class, we are covering the Victorian Age. A time of industrial revolution, British imperialism, Darwinism, social injustice and of course great literature. Getting students interested in Victorian literature is challenging, but it is still important. The detailed scenic descriptions and focus on characters offer excellent examples of how to become a better writer. The subject matter, while at first glance might seem dated, is incredibly relevant. Themes about innovative technology intersecting with humanity, racism, sexism, and class fill the pages of Victorian stories. Students can build upon many of these ideas and compare them with events that are happening in our society today. Think about the emergence of Social Media, fake news, the #metoo movement and of course politics. During this semester we will dive into novels like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, Oliver Twist, and Dracula. Students will discover how the Gothic genre started and how the industrial revolution changed the world at such a fast pace.

Basketball Teams in Arizona

The Boys Basketball Teams are both in action this Weekend in Phoenix, AZ. The National team is participating in the Rising Sun Showcase a Grind Session Event. The Regional Team is participating in the PEC-6 League. Going to be a exciting weekend of hoops in Arizona for our program. If you are in the area the guys would love the support!!!


Open House for New Students