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Music Class

1st period students are deep into their song creation. They had several goals.

Create a song structure within the software.  COMPLETEWrite lyrics for verse and chorus. ALMOST COMPLETEEstablish a chord progression. COMPLETERecord all the individual tracks of music. WORKINGFinish the mixdown.  NOT STARTED YETPerform song at Talent show.  YEA!!!!!!!

Open House for New […]

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Balboa School Newsletter

English Class

For English class, we are covering the Victorian Age. A time of industrial revolution, British imperialism, Darwinism, social injustice and of course great literature. Getting students interested in Victorian literature is challenging, but it is still important. The detailed scenic descriptions and focus on characters offer excellent examples of how to become […]

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Balboa School Newsletter

Boys Basketball Team

Our Boys Basketball team took a trip to East Coast over the Christmas break to participate in the Governors Challenge in Salisbury, MD and the Mustang Madness in Paducah, KY. We were also privileged with being able to go down into Washington DC and spend a couple of days in […]

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Balboa School Newsletter

Science Class

Biology class is learning about the cell division, along with the cells structure and functions. We are learning the process of binary fission, which is the division of prokaryotic cells, along with the division of eukaryotic cells, which is called mitosis and meiosis.  Here they are diagramming an animal cell and locating […]

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