Java Coding Class

This year in Java coding class, students learned about some basic terms and concepts of computer science as well as actually writing programs in Java. 

We started by learning terms about computer hardware, such as RAM, ROM, CPU, input and output devices, and memory. We then discussed which operating systems students already use such as MAC, iPhone’s ios, Android for phones and tablets, ChromeOS for the Chromebooks and Windows for laptops and desktop computers.  Operating systems are software that allow you, the user, to communicate with the hardware and other software. Software is just programs written by people! In our brains, the mind can be thought of as the software that runs on the ‘hardware’ of the brain’s cells and structures. The same thing is true, but more simply, for computers. Their ‘motherboard’ is a complex circuit board containing many electrical connections as well as having places to plug in memory, the Central Processing Unit (brain), and more.

When you write programs in Java, you first need to install the development environment. Normally, your computer will have executable Java running in a web browser or used to create applications, such as PowerSchool or Canvas that you use. However, to be a Java programmer, you need to download the ‘development’ part of Java, called the Java Development Kit or JDK as well as download an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The JDK has the classes that your new program will use and the IDE is where you actually write the source code (Java program), compile to Java’s bytecode and run it when you are a Java developer. Once the program is in the Java ‘bytecode’ format, it can be run in the special Java environment, called the Java Runtime Environment, or JRE. This special way that Java runs in its own environment protects the operating system from any malicious code written in Java. Other languages, such as C or C++ can run without being trapped in such an environment, and therefore programs written in those language COULD possibly harm your computer’s functioning.

Students in this class were able to use the Macs or their own Windows laptops to create and run their own programs in Java. One interesting program that students created was to ask a user for a password (called a String in Java), and do some checking to see if the password is valid.   They had to check if the password was long enough, had at least two numbers in it and more. They also had to write a program that counted the number of vowels in a user entered text String; learning from this that Java treats text entered by a user as an array of characters that can be searched, sorted and its length can be used to ‘walk’ along the String. 

Since today we live in a world run by computers and the Internet of Things is all around us, taking a computer coding class can be very useful to anyone! 

Basketball Team

Last weekend the Boys Basketball Team hosted the 7th Annual Balboa Basketball Holiday Classic!! Both teams were very successful on the weekend combining for a 6-1 record!! The guys are working hard and are continuing to get better with each and every game. 

This weekend both teams are in action: 
 The National Team is in El Paso, Tx for the McDonald’s Classic. We have won this tournament 2 times before and we are looking to come back home with another trophy this year!!! This will be a competitive tournament as teams from all over Texas come and compete!!! 
The Regional Team is in Phoenix, Az for the Desert Challenge at Rancho Solano Prep School. This will be a our first trip to this event and we are looking forward to some high level competition this weekend!!! 

Continue to check back every week for updates on our Basketball Program. We appreciate the support the we have received so far and would love to see everybody at a game in the near future!!! GO BENGALS!!!! 

Pajama Day

Pajama Day with Guinea Pigs!   Today, we decided to enjoy the holiday season in our warm, fuzzy pajamas, plush blankets, cozy slippers, and with our cuddly bears.  Our class also had two guinea pig  visitors-Bruce & Waffles!  Family and Friends make the holiday season special!   

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