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The National Team went to EL Paso, Tx to participate in the 2019 McDonalds Classic. The guys came together as a team and brought back home the championship trophy. We were the only team from California to participate so it was us against the world in every game. Each game was tough […]

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Balboa School Newsletter

Java Coding Class

This year in Java coding class, students learned about some basic terms and concepts of computer science as well as actually writing programs in Java. 

We started by learning terms about computer hardware, such as RAM, ROM, CPU, input and output devices, and memory. We then discussed which operating systems students already use […]

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Balboa School Newsletter

Mathematics at Balboa School

Period 4 Mathematics is comprised of a very special group of students.  Prealgebra students are studying the Pythagorean Theorem to ensure that a rocket is perpendicular to the ground prior to launch.  For example, a private space company, Personal Space, is designing and testing a rocket for tourist trips into low-orbit […]

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