Fall Festival

Last week, students participated in our first annual Fall Festival here at Balboa School.  The festival consisted of a cake walk, sumo suits, zorb balls, interactive inflatables, water balloon toss, and of course, the students were able to dunk some of their favorite teachers and the principal in the dunk tank!!!

We also have some feedback from our students: 
 I thought the fall festival was a fun event that brought the whole school together. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and it helped clear my mind from everything. 


 The fall festival was an experience that was fun and a good way to relax. 


The event wat lit. I had a lot of fun. Nest time get more water balloons and maybe put a lot of ice in the dunk tank.     


The festival gave people a change to relax and be themselves. Good food and fun games, I recommend we do this again.


This activity makes me very happy. Interacting with friends is the best. 


I think the activity was really fun and it allowed us to do more fun things with friends. 


Music Class 

Music 1 and 2 students are following the history of the world of music using a timeline. We learn and discuss musical concepts as they came into existence and also the world events that were happening that would have had influence on compositions.  For example, the concept of rhythm was introduced by the horrible events of the slave trade. The classical composers like Bach were dealing with the French Revolution and the second of the great plagues that killed 1/3 of the worlds population. 
Just like modern composers, classical compositions were a reflection of life experiences. Beethoven’s famous 5th Symphony was composed when he was nearing complete deafness. Not surprisingly the song opened with the now famous “DUM DUM DUM DAAAAAAAA” most believe this reflects his fear of total deafness. The following is the timeline the students have learned up to this point.

Thanksgiving Feast 

Today we celebrated a Thanksgiving Feast with friends and family!  This month our classroom reflected on family, friends, food, shelter, and gathering together to celebrate sharing.  We feasted on fruit, vegetables, chicken, rice, applesauce, homemade macaroni & cheese, pie, cupcakes, lemon bars, and sooo much more!  It was a wonderful way to start the holiday season.  Happy Holidays!