Balboa School Newsletter

Fall Festival

Last week, students participated in our first annual Fall Festival here at Balboa School.  The festival consisted of a cake walk, sumo suits, zorb balls, interactive inflatables, water balloon toss, and of course, the students were able to dunk some of their favorite teachers and the principal in the dunk tank!!! […]

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Balboa School Newsletter

Tournament Champion 

Our Boys Basketball team travelled down to Tijuana, Mexico for a tournament. This was the first official tournament to kick off our season. Our guys played extremely hard and finished the weekend with a 7-0 record and were named Tournament Champions for the 2nd year in a row. With 25 guys […]

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Balboa School Newsletter

History Class

In United States History class, the students are learning about the Pilgrims and Mayflower Compact, first instance of self-government in the present-day United States. To learn more about how and why this important document was founded, the students had to act in “Mayflower Compact, the Play.” They all did an amazing […]

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