Economics Class

In Economics, the students are learning about the problem of scarcity. To fully grasp the concept, they need to know the difference between a need and a want. I asked the students to imagine that they have received a really important phone call from the Head of their State, who explained, “We have a lot of problems in the world right now. If everyone all over the world used up as many resources as we do in the North, we would need another 4 planets! So we are going to conduct an experiment.” He/she has heard that their class is an extremely bright group of people so he/she thinks it would be a good idea to send all of them to a new planet. Explain that the new planet has a good atmosphere, so there is clean air for you all to breathe. There is gravity so you all will not float away and there are no aliens, so you don’t have to worry about that. In groups, they had to pick 16 items to take out of a list of 40. Once they had finished that, they need to narrow it down to 8. The students got to debate within their own group and the class what exactly they would need for this new planet.