World History Class 

In World History, they are studying the Industrial Revolution. To understand more about how the assembly line works as well as factory production versus products made by skilled workers, they performed a simulation. During the simulation, one person was assigned to be the artisan, who only needs to produce one product (snowflake). Vy, our artisan, was able to sit in a comfortable chair and listen to music her own music. Her only task was to make the snowflake as artistically as possible. Our factory team was a group of six. They had five workers and one manager. The factory team had to complete twenty snowflakes in five minutes. They all had specific tasks they had to complete in their assembly line. If they were not fulfilling their task, their manager (Yolanda)  can fire them and replace them with another worker. They had to stand the whole time with the clock ticking behind them. To add to the experience, I played loud repetitive factory noise throughout the room. Once the simulation was done, they wrote reflections on their experiences. 

USS Midway Field Trip 

For our April field trip, the school took a trip to the USS Midway. Two of our younger students completed the USS Midway’s Junior Pilot scavenger hunt to earn their wings.