Science Class 

Middle Schoolers have been working on a year long project.  Who can grow the biggest and best looking crystal.  They started with a supersaturated solution of aluminum potassium sulfate, way back in September and produced a ceed crystal withwhich to attach to astring and suspend in a growing solution of the same.  Every week they clean the string ad beaker to keep the growing solution clean.  they will grow for another few weeks and then take it home.

Stanford 10 Assessment April 25-26

Reminder!! all 4-11 domestic students will be taking the Stanford 10 Online Assessment on Thursday, April 25th and Friday, April 26th.  The results are not used for grading.  Stanford Achievement Tests Series is the most widely used tool in achievement testing.  The Assessment helps guide teaching and learning toward high academic standards.  The results also present an indicator of how well your child is doing compared with other students across the country.  Please make sure you child gets a good night of rest the night before.