Spirit Week

* Tuesday : Twins Day- Find a peer and dress as twins 

* Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday- Dress in your tackiest mix-matched outfit

* Thursday: Jersey Day- Wear your favorite sports jersey to school

* Friday:Balboa School Spirit Day- Wear Balboa School colors!! (black, orange, white)

Spanish Class

The objective of the Spanish classes is to awaken the student’s interest for discovering new […]

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In the Art classes we design and inspire our creativity with imagination, combining with drawing the realistic art. Our young artists show appear to the deeper express of the creative mind and allow us to explore our fun artist in Balboa.      

Dominique Jones is Athletic Director and PE Teacher at Balboa School (1st Year) and Assistant Head […]

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Khai Giảng chương trình Văn Bằng Kép Trực Tuyến Balboa

Buổi hội thảo với tiêu chí “Đã đến Mỹ thì phải thành công!” đã diễn ra thành công tốt đẹp khi nhận được sự hưởng ứng và phản hồi tích cực từ phía Phụ huynh và học sinh về những thông tin bổ ích cho kế hoạch du học Mỹ. Kết quả đã chứng minh […]

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PE class at Balboa is off to a great start. We are doing a bunch of different activities that have the students active and moving. The first month we started off by learning and playing the game of dodge ball. The students really enjoyed every aspect of the game and also learning the unique rules. […]

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Music Creation and Production

Music students in 1st period Creation and Production are overseeing the build of a record cutting lathe. Once completed, the lathe (pronounced “lay-the” ) will allow each student to “cut” their own record. It will be their choice as to content and different sound sources can be used. A number of obstacles will have to be […]

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