Mathematics at Balboa School
Students at Balboa School experience Math in ways never before possible.  Using the Math Techbook online at Discovery Education, the teachers engage students with interactive, real-world problems while building lasting proficiency.  The Math Techbook standards-aligned content is specifically developed for diverse student learners and curated by experts.
Research shows that engaged students are more likely to achieve.  Math Techbook engages students through digital interactive exercises, presents complex problems with videos, data manipulation with digital tools and game-like activities.
Math Techbook has the flexibility to help all learners using a Discover-Practice-Apply learning cycle that balances conceptual learning, procedural fluency, and real-world application to help students master mathematical concepts.
This Fall Term marks Balboa School’s first use of the Math Techbook.  There is room for both Teachers and students to improve their understanding of how to obtain the best use of this digital online tool. Balboa School also intends to provide Discovery Education with feedback on various improvements that will make use of the Math Techbook even more valuable to the Teacher and students. This is a new way of learning age-old concepts and procedures to solve mathematical problems, but a method that harmonizes with technological advances that drive the interactions of people everywhere in their jobs and social situations.  Balboa School is striving to prepare students for future careers that require computer and technological literacy.

Balboa School had International Potluck last week. We shared our favorite holiday food traditions and had some fun celebrating this holiday season!
Our families brought their favorite traditional holiday dishes and drink specialties from their culture.

Due to the holidays, report cards will not be mailed until January 7, 2019. You can check Powerschool for final grades after December 21, 2018.
Have a wonderful, safe holiday season.